IGET XXL Strawberry Banana


IGET XXL Strawberry Banana flavour is creamy and sweet. The taste is immediately apparent. As you inhale, you’ll get a surprise of creamy strawberries and sweet bananas which makes an appearance with a milky texture. As you progress, a cooling menthol begins to cut through the sweetness. This leaves you with a cool and refreshing taste of strawberry and banana smoothie. So, make sure to grab yours before they run out, as we provide complimentary shipping on orders greater than $150. We ship to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, and Gold Coast.

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IGET XXL Strawberry Banana

1800 PUFFS

950 mAH

7 mL

5% NIC

IGET XXL Strawberry Banana


Manufacturer Name: IGET VAPE
Brand Name: IGET XXL 1800
Single Product Price: $20 AUD
IGET XXL Bulk 10 Packs Price: $15 AUD
Puffs Count: 1800+ Puffs
Batter Capacity: 950 mAh Lithium Battery
Flavours Option: 34 Flavours Available
Nicotine Strength: 5% Nicotine Level
Coil Unit Of Resistance: 1.6 Ohm
Weight: 45 Grams Per Unit
Design Material: Stainless Steel And Plastic
Ingredients: PG + VG + Nicotine Salt + Flavour Concentration
Dimension: 114mm-Height*19mm-Width*19mm-Thichk


IGET XXL Features


Design and Quality: The IGET XXL vape stands out from the rest due to its round aluminium frame. Making it heavier than most disposable vapes. Although, its weight allows smokers to gain a firm grip on the device. Its flat mouthpiece sets a comfortable mouthfeel, constructing a pleasant vapour experience. It may be heavy, yet the size of the IGET XXL is slim and compact, conveniently fitting into your pocket or purse. Evidently, setting a high standard with its remarkable design and quality.


Flavour Chasers (Accuracy): For those who seek the satisfaction of divine e-juices, the IGET XXL flavours range from confectionery, beverages, exotic fruits, and savoury vegetables. Offering smokers a wide selection of 34 flavours to indulge in. Having the most flavours in the IGET range.


Battery Life: The IGET XXL vape uses a compact 950 mAH battery. Producing a sufficient battery life for a disposable vape of its size. At times the battery can die whilst the flavour is still present, this is due the size of the battery. As it still outperforms other disposable vapes utilising the same battery.


Puff Count: The IGET XXL puff count is a respectable 1800 puffs. Alleviating your worries throughout the week of having to pick up a new disposable vape. The puff count of the IGET XXL vape can fluctuate as at times it can surpass its advertised puff count or fall right under. Regardless, the IGET XXL is a cost-effective disposable vape with good performance for its size.


Vapour Production: When it comes to clouds, we are not referring to the ones in the sky. The IGET XXL vape produces thick clouds of smoke with impressive viscosity. It lacks room for error as the size does not have a burden on its performance. The slim, pocket-friendly device pushes enough vapour to compete with refillable vapes.

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