IGET Legend Wholesale Australia | Mixed Flavours | 10 Packs

Original price was: $370.00.Current price is: $200.00.

Our exclusive IGET Legend Wholesale Australia bundle deals are designed to give you the best price for your purchases. You will be save 50 AUD immediately when you making a purchase.

Mix Up Your Best Flavours Of IGET Legend And Save Up 50 AUD 10 Units Minimum

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4000 PUFFS

1350 mAH

12 mL

5% NIC

How much does the IGET Legend cost?

Our exclusive IGET Legend Wholesale Australia bundle deals are designed to give you the advantage to save up more money on your purchases. For instance, if you really like one specific flavour in Legend vape and decide to buying a IGET Legend box, the cost is $30 each, while buying the individual cost is $35. You will be save 5 AUD each when you decide to purchase IGET Legend 4000 bulk.

IGET LEGEND Wholesale Australia

(10 Packs Of IGET Legend On Discount Price )

Is the IGET Legend available in Australia

Yes, it is available in Australia. We carry a wide range of products on our website with our unbeatable price. Due to our partnership with IGET, we are constantly receiving latest products in the market. The IGET Bar Wholesale is another alternative option when it comes to money saver.


Where can I buy the IGET Legend near me?

Even though, these products can usually be found in your local tobacconist or convenience store. But some private sellers may also be selling fake and faulty products. To avoid fraudulent distributors, it’s important to shop from trustworthy sources such as ourselves and IGET.


How many packs of IGET Legend would I get?

You will get 10 packs mixed flavours of IGET Legend 4000 Australia. The IGET Legend Wholesale Australia bundle will save you up 5 AUD each. So you will be totally save up 50 AUD when you make one single purchase.


Is the IGET Legend rechargeable?

No, the IGET Legend can not be recharge. If you’re looking for a rechargeable device, then the Gunnpod Meta is a must-have as its 4000 puffs which features 10mL of E-liquid and its with own charger. It is available on website in a wide variety of flavours.


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