Gunnpod Wave Australia 3500 Puffs | New Design Adjustable Airflow

The Gunnpod Wave Australia is like no other disposable vape which providing the users with the ability to adjust the airflow. Containing 12mL of E-liquid, it generates 3500 puffs, giving immense flavours and preferred airflow throughout each use.

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3500 PUFFS

1250 mAH

12 mL

5% NIC

Gunnpod Wave Australia 101 Intro


We’ve all been there; you bought a deposable vape but it’s much too strong for your liking as if you were smoking plastic. Flavour may even be great whereas the strength is a deterring factor. We know the feeling. So does the Gunnpod Wave Australia 3500. With its airflow adjustability, it is here to save you from the endless tarnishing of your throat. The Gunnpod Wave’s 3500 puffs allow you to be in control of all aspects and fully optimise your usage. I know your only concern left, is the Gunnpod Meta’s flavours. Not to worry, the Gunnpod Wave flavours come with 14 distinct tastes with a substantial 7 exclusive flavours for you to experiment with.


  • Exclusive Flavour 

The abundance of authentic one-of-a-kind flavours crowns the Gunnpod Wave 3500 as a bucket list item as each Gunnpod Meta flavour has an incorporation of exotic fruits blended to create a succulent taste to stimulate your sweet tooth. Paired with the efficient 1250 mAH Gunnpod Meta battery, this advanced ergonomic device produces 3500 puffs. These are a few popular flavours we thoroughly advise you to try; the Gunnpod Meta Green Storm, Summer Breeze, and Mango Peach.


  • Salt Nicotine: 5%

The Gunnpod Wave nicotine content does not differ much from other Gunnpod products as it’s only 5% which is still a significant amount in comparison to other disposable e-cigarettes. Those that cannot withstand it, the Gunnpod Meta possesses an innovative feature allowing the smoker to adjust the level of airflow to attain the strength in they desire or can handle.


If your priority is versatility and variety with consistent exclusive flavours. Then the Gunnpod Wave should already be in your cart. With the inclusion of advanced, intuitive next generation technology, this device lacks room for error. Once you try the Gunnpod Wave, you will never go back to the way you used to behave.


Strawberry Kiwi, Summer Breeze, Lush Ice, Grape Ice, Blue Raspberry Cherry Lemon, Fruit Monster, Double Apple, Mango Peach, Cola Ice, Strawberry Watermelon Ice, Peach Blue Raspberry, Pineapple Orange Guava, Apple Pineapple Lemon, Green Storm


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