Gunnpod META Australia 4000 Puffs | Free Shipping Over 150 AUD

The Gunnpod Meta Australia is a newest disposable vape from Gunnpod company, offering the user an impressive 4000 puffs and 14mL of E-liquid.

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4000 PUFFS


10 mL

5% NIC

Gunnpod Meta Australia Specification


Tired of the inconvenience of manually setting up and filling your rig, but conflicted on switching to disposable vapes, I would be as well. Therefore, I present the Gunnpod Meta vape, the borderline between disposable and reusable devices. The Gunnpod Meta vape is the pinnacle of variety. It offers multiple cutting-edge aspects such as a rechargeable battery with its type C charger, a lightweight, compact frame making it perfect for everyday use and a rapid charging time of 45 minutes. If that doesn’t spark your interest, the Gunnpod Meta vape is 4000 puffs. So, you can rest at ease knowing you have a rechargeable everlasting vape.


  • Accurate In Flavour Delivery 

Now the important part, the Gunnpod Meta flavours. The Gunnpod Meta vape has a total of 16 flavours as ‘Fruit Club’ as an exclusive to the range. It became popular as soon as it came out, grabbing significant attention. It is one the most predominantly bought flavours throughout the Gunnpod range. Offering smokers a tropical summer experience like no other. But don’t count out the rest of the Gunnpod Meta flavours. The Gunnpod Meta has great flavours like Blackberry Ice, Fruit Monster, and Strawberry Kiwi.


  • Comfortable Throat Hit 

The Gunnpod Meta’s nicotine content is 5%, making it easy to withstand. The Gunnpod Meta’s 4000 puffs is evenly disturbed throughout the Gunnpod Meta charging time. Allowing you to optimise your usage before your next purchase. Not to worry, thanks to Gunnpod’s next generation technology, a fully charged battery only takes 45 minutes. This way the Gunnpod Meta’s charge won’t deplete in your next outing.


  • Rapid Charing time

It’s time to ditch the manually set messy rigs and switch to the Gunnpod Meta 4000. With the convenience of a 45-minute charge time and the Gunnpod Meta 4000 puff capability, it is the ideal alternative. Not only will you save time and money with the Gunnpod Meta vape, but you will also have peace of mind knowing its leak-resistant technology will prevent any incidents whilst in public like other conventional refillable vapes do.


Mango Ice, Strawberry Kiwi, Fruit Monster, Grape Ice, Lush Ice, Strawberry Lush, Cola Ice, Maxi Energy, Blue Raspberry, Fruit Club, Passionfruit, Blackberry Ice, Apple Banana, Peach Cocktail, Apple Bomb, Tobacco


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