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The IGET King is an exceptional high-end model with its large storage capacity which provides you with up to 8mL of E-liquid and 2600 puffs. The black see-through case and comfortable mouthpiece accompanied by its slim build make it an everyday essential. The King is the ideal choice for those who seek to engage with a further developed device.


Have you ever wanted to know how much E-juice you have left in your disposable vape? Then the IGET King vape is what you are after with its see-through tank, allowing you to track your usage to plan ahead of time for your next purchase. The IGET King 2600 is a must-have if you seek a stronger alternative to satisfy your nicotine addiction. The IGET King nicotine content is 6% making it the strongest disposable vape available on the Australia market. As of now, there are 25 IGET King flavours. The best-selling are Mango Bomb, Mint Ice and Grape Ice.

Let me guess, you want to try the IGET King 2600, but you aren’t sure which flavour to choose. The IGET King flavours have an intense taste giving a unique experience. The best IGET King flavours you must try are Lush Fruit, Blackberry Ice, and Strawberry Apple Banana. These three flavours are the most reliable options for your first try out, to determine if you can handle the IGET King. Once you are used to the IGET King, you can start experimenting with all 25 flavours.

If you struggle to find strong nicotine hit, disposable vapes that taste nice, you are in luck, as the IGET King’s nicotine content is an immense 6%. Thus, giving you the strength of cigarettes without the harmful chemicals and side effects that come with them. Whilst coming in tasty flavours for you to enjoy. Quitting smoking has never been made easier.

If you have checked the IGET King vape review, you would know that leaking is an issue. On the rare occasion that this does occur, please do not try to fix or repair the IGET King vape as you may damage it further. Instead, please contact our customer service team via email, we will provide a replacement to compensate for your unfortunate occurrence, make sure to also give feedback on the IGET King reviews.


Ultimately, it is purely dependant on your individual preference. The best-selling flavours are listed below:

  • Lush Fruit– The Lush Fruit IGET King is sweet yet Icey giving the user a levelled and smooth taste like a watermelon cocktail.
  • Blackberry Ice– The Blackberry Ice IGET King has strong flavour with a sweet, Icey aftertaste similar to the taste of frozen berries.
  • Mango Bomb– The Mango Bomb IGET King has a distinctive sweet flavour with a strong aftertaste making the user feel as if they are having a mango smoothie.
  • Strawberry Apple Banana The S.A.B IGET King hits that sweet tooth which you could never fulfil, with the prominent taste of every fruit, the user can contemplate eating a fruit salad whilst smoking it.

It sure is, we carry a wide range of Kings in all flavours on our website. Due to our partnership with IGET, we provide our customers with the latest and intuitive products.

These products can be found in your local convenience store or tobacconist. However, these stores do distribute fake and faulty products. It’s important to shop for these products from a reliable source such as ourselves or IGET.

At Vape Junkie, the price of Kings is between $25 to $30, which is the best deal for users. On the other hand, on other websites the IGET Kings are usually priced at around $45 to $60. Through our partnership with IGET, we can now offer our customers the best possible price on available products.

We offer exclusive bundle deals that allow you to get the best price. For instance, if you want to purchase 10 packs of Kings, the price would be $25 each, while the individual price would be $30. However, if you want to purchase a larger quantity, the price would be reduced even further.

Before IGET markets and sells to the public, IGET thoroughly tests their products as well as run precautionary procedures to ensure that they are safe to use. This ensures that users are protected from harmful substances.

The IGET King is a robust vape that holds 2600 puffs. Its long-lasting with bold yet tasteful flavours making it ideal for any advanced smoker.

The longevity of your e-liquid depends on your usage. For instance, if you’re a heavy smoker, you might keep it for up to a week. On the other hand, for light to intermediate smokers, the lifespan might be around a week and a half.

The King is a popular range from IGET and is sought for frequently by heavy smokers due to its wide variety of flavours, strength, and bold flavour. Making it the most popular amongst advanced smokers.

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