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The IGET Bar Australia is our most popular product, it features a 12mL E-liquid tank and a 1500mah battery. It’s ideal for people who are looking for a premium and high-quality disposable device as it could easily be stored in your pocket or bag. Its compact design makes it an ideal companion for people who prefer to use their devices while on the go.

IGET BAR Feature

The IGET Bar is recognised as one of the most infamous disposable vape devices, being widely popular amongst adolescents and consistent vapers. With 30 available flavours for you to choose and experiment, the 3500-puff beast is no joke. With an immense 1500mAH inbuilt battery and a generous 12mL’s of e-juice, the small compact Bar packs a serious punch.

  • IGET Bar Lush Ice: A true tasting watermelon vape. Delicate and sweet taste on the inhale and then an underlying cooling agent on the exhale, giving it that Icey depth.


  • IGET Bar Strawberry Watermelon Ice: Like the Lush Ice but lacks that sweetness. Then this flavour is for you, with its sweet creamy texture paired with the cool watermelon aftertaste makes it superb.


  • IGET Bar Double Apple: Do you want a portable hookah? Here it is. A crisp Double Apple explosion in your mouth with the perfect tartness, giving it that authenticity like an actual hookah. All whilst on-the-go.


  • IGET Bar Ice Cream: Craving Ice Cream but none left at home? The Ice Cream IGET Bar to your saviour. Composing a smooth inhale yet a delicate vanilla sensation with underlying creamy tone on the exhale, hitting that late night sweet tooth.


  • IGET Bar Cola Ice: Want something to fight the heat of the summertime? The Cola Ice IGET Bar is calling your name. With its sweet flavour accompanied by its ice-cold coolness hitting your throat, it’ll have you feeling refreshed all day.

The sheer portability and compact size of the IGET Bar disposable vape allows you to slip it into your pocket or chuck it into your bag or purse. The lightweight frame has intricate design which rests perfectly in your palm, creating a handful like no other. The Bars can be taken anywhere and be smoked at anytime without any hassle or inconveniences.

Due to its popularity and constant demand, we offer a bulk bundle which features 10 individual pieces of the IGET Bar with the option to select whatever flavours your heart desires. Allowing you to customise your order and individualise your vaping experience.


The IGET Bar 3500 Australia is one of the most popular series from IGET disposable vape. This renowned vape is the ideal choice providing you with 3500+ puffs and 5% nicotine strength, it offers you unique aspects such as a variety of 25 flavours, a flat comfortable mouthpiece, curved structure and smooth thick vapour production at an affordable price. All without the hassle of recharging or refilling, making it an on-the-go essential vapes in Australia for you. If you want to know more of a review on the IGET Bar please click this Video Link.

The price we’ve set for the IGET Bar Australia at Vape Junkie is $35 for each unit. Due to our partnership with IGET, we receive stock from the factory every week. This allowing us to sell the IGET products for an unbeatable price in comparison to our competitors. Also, you will never have to worry, we will never run out the stock.

If you are still seeking a better price, don’t worry mate! We will introduce our exclusive IGET Bar Wholesale bundle deals. If you have found your favourite flavour then the 10-packs IGET Bar bulk bundle will immediately save you $50 on spot. As well as free express shipping will automatically apply to your purchase. We also offer IGET vape XXL Australia cheap option, you may want to take a look.

The IGET Bar Australia holds up to 3500 puffs. It solely depends on user’s smoking behaviour. Longheavy, and frequent puffs can damage the lifespan of the battery as well as dry out the E-liquid faster. For light to intermediate smokers,  approximately 1 week, whereas for frequent or heavy smokers, we’d estimate around 3-4 days.

This is a frequently asked question. If you are after nicotine, you are in luck, as the IGET Bar Australia has 5% nicotine strength.  Equivalent to 20 cigarettes making it a perfect alternative for the daily smoker, leaving no residue or odour.

They can be found in your local tobacconist and convenience store, although certain private sellers tend to distribute fake and faulty products, it is in your best interest to shop from trusted sources, as our website offers a wide range of Bars that are supplied directly from IGET.

Unfortunately not. If you seek a rechargeable device, we thoroughly recommend the Gunnpod Meta which is available on our website. The Meta is 4000 puffs with 10mL of E-liquid. It comes in a wide variety of exclusive flavours as well as a charger making it convenient for those who need a device whilst on the go.

Yes, indeed it is, it is also available on our website in every flavour. Due to our close partnership with IGET, we consistently receive the newest items which we offer in a wide range to our customers on our website.


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